Exercise for the Over 60’s

Exercise for the Over 60’s
Exercise for the Over 60’s

We hope that this article serves as a stepping stone for you to discover the revitalizing power of exercise, and inspire you to actively seek to become energized and make a change in your life. The aim is to reinvent each and everyone’s outlook on not only their bodies but also their minds. Getting rid of negative outlooks on your age, current health conditions and overall physical capabilities is all part of the journey. It is of utmost importance that you not only desire to change yourself, but enjoy doing it as well. Why is my body so weak? It is common for senior and the elderly to have fallen or have overall mobility issues and trouble standing up or functioning healthily in their daily lives. They ask, “what’s the problem?” The culprit in most cases is simple, Inactivity. Studies have shown that it only takes a few days of lying in bed to start losing your strength, flexibility, and balance. Once you fall in this hole of doing nothing, you enter a downward spiral. The downward spiral is the single largest problem. For example, one day you’re simply feeling under the weather so you decide to take it easy for a few days and sit back on your recliner and watch Television.

After a while the chores start piling up, you finally decide to get up and get to work, until suddenly, you lose your balance and crash to the floor. Even if your hip isn’t broken at this point, it’s bound to have caused a nasty bruise. The pain the fall caused now limits you even further and ties you to your bed for an even longer time, causing you to get weaker day by day. Daily chores become increasingly more difficult to handle. Things like cooking and shopping and even showering can occupy large amounts of time and effort and be a huge strain on your body and even your mind. Perhaps you are the child of an elderly adult, and you constantly worry about their safety when you aren’t around. This is a very common concern amongst family members.

Exercising and staying overall active will definitely improve their chances of staying safer throughout their life. Staying active and sensibly exercising, coupled with following a healthy lifestyle can add years of productive and functional living. So the problem is inactivity. What is the solution? Where do i begin? Well, It took a while to get into the shape you are in now. The first thing to remember is to always take small steps, especially in the beginning. Rushing yourself along only invites injuries and ultimately even more regression. Your body needs around 4 to 6 weeks to become accustomed to a new activity or exercise program. This is true especially if you have been inactive for a long time. Try exercising for a few minutes a day at first. Gradually crank it up to a solid 30 minute workout, twice a week.

From this point onwards, try exercising 3 days per week as your strength and endurance improves. The good news to take away from all of this: Fitness training can benefit women and men of all ages. Help your strength with weight training in the arms and legs. Expand your bone density in the hips and spine. Access greater energy levels for daily activities. Learn to improve your balance with standing and walking. Have fun and keep your independence and vitality. Start with basic exercises and an exercise program.
Posture: It’s very important to learn correct posture before carrying out exercises in order to maximize the benefits as well as minimize the possible dangers of injuries.

Breathing: Learn proper breathing techniques to help you improve lung capacity, function and overall energy level. Flexibility: Increase your flexibility to allow more motion to your body and limbs and increase your mobility. Strength: Build up your strength in your arms, legs, and back to greatly enhance your functional independence. Endurance: Improve your endurance over time and gain the ability to walk and participate in social activities like dancing, hiking and nature outings. Balance: Recalibrate your balance and increase your safety at home and in public. For more information on how to get ‘Prime Time Fit’ at Palapon Hua Hin, Call 0868039085, or Contact by email: info@palapon.com.