Facial Hair and Must Have Fashion Trends for Men

Fashion Trends for Men
Facial Hair and Must Have Fashion Trends for Men

It’s been too long since we have been talking about fashion for men but also in their styles. Since last winter there is one over-all trend that must be talked out, and if you haven’t noticed yet it is… the comeback of the beard. We can totally say that beards are the new black In men’s trends. While men’s fashion trends change quickly, facial hair, especially beards, have never been hotter. Many celebrities are now sporting full beards, and women have grown to appreciate the beast look. So the first question we can ask ourselves is: why are beards the big trend? After more than a decade fantasying androgyny men, it is now time to come back to the natural, to our cavern roots. And there are many reasons that the look is popular with so many men. Beards give a guy that manly look that women love. They are also a bit daring, giving an appearance of someone who is a little rough and outdoorsy. A beard is one of the ways that a man can stand out in a crowd. As the western world continues to struggle with a recession and the war abroad, perhaps men are simply hoping to reclaim a bit of their natural male status by wearing such a masculine style. As women become more powerful and men take on increasingly gender neutral roles, beards are a way of showing the world that a guy is still as masculine as ever.

So Join the Beard-Gang!

2014 is the year of the beard. If you can grow it, the bigger the better. Here are a few well-groomed beards seen on the net with crispy cuts to match. Check out the pictures and see if you’re ready to join the “Beard-Gang”.

How to Grow a Long One

Growing a long beard is pretty simple. One; grow facial hair. Two; take care of it. How long will growing a beard take? It depends; everyone has a genetically determined maximum growth. How to make a beard grow faster? Basically, healthy living with a good diet, exercise, and adequate rest; keep reading for the details.

1. Diet – The paleo diet is one of the ways to stimulate hair growth. Increase proteins and good fats in your diet routine, like free range eggs and organic or grass-fed meats to promote facial hair growth. Sugar, on the other hand, grows very weak hair.

2. Testosterone – Testosterone is related to hair growth and apparently exercise increases testosterone levels. Lift weights that targets major muscle groups like squats, deadlifts, and combine them with some cardio.

3. Sleep – As an adult, sleep is when your body repairs injuries and grows hair. Aim for 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in a dark room; the more the better. Long or short, proper beard maintenance is necessary to keep one’s self clean and healthy. You do not need to fuss over your beard several times a day, but you do need to observe the following grooming tips:

Get the Proper Tools:

To get a perfect-looking beard, you must have a razor, trimmer, and brush among other things. You do not need to get expensive ones, but investing in good quality tools is always preferable because you are not just dealing with any hair but facial hair: you do not want to end up with a scarred face or a wounded neck.

Shampoo, Conditioner, and Oils:

Many people prefer the use of shampoo and conditioner to keep beards soft and manageable. Some even believe it is a key on how to grow beard faster. That is why it is better to go with trial and error. You can use shampoo only, a combination of shampoo and conditioner, or conditioner and oil. It is recommended to use a specific combination for at least two to three weeks to get visible results.

A Bit of History…

Throughout history, beards were known not only as a form of decoration but also a symbol of masculinity, social status, and even political views. For Egyptians, they were regarded as a symbol of freedom and power over the nation. This is exactly the reason why pharaohs maintained a beard, often dyed and intricately woven with gold strands. Even statues representing them and queens wore beards to let their positions be known. Of course, for queens, the beard was not real hair but a false, metal beard secured by a ribbon around the head. For the early Indian, Mesopotamian, and Persian civilisations, it was a matter of social status, officials, philosophers, and members of the higher socials were allowed to keep and grow a beard. The significance of having a beard as a sign of virility and wisdom became a more popular trend among the ancient Greek, Celtic, and Roman nations. For these civilisations, there was a focus on more flowing and curly beard styles. By the time the Renaissance reached its peak, beard styles became more of a fad. There grew a strong preference for clean, shaved faces, with royalty and high-ranking officials sporting them. This continued well into the 19th and 20th centuries. Movember is an annual, month-long event involving men growing their moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer and associated charities. The Movember Foundation runs the Movember charity event, see www. Movember.com So you have the entire month of October to adopt the look and make your beard grow, and if by the end of the month you are not satisfied, shave it off but keep a moustache. It will be right in time for “Movember”. You don’t know what is it?



Dressing right gets tricky when summer turns to fall. It’s still too warm for tweed, but shorts and short sleeves won’t just feel right anymore especially once the sunset is down. Fortunately, we’ve got it figured out for you.


Light enough for summer nights in the country, totally perfect for these evenings out in the chill breeze. You don’t need to be an expert in fashion to figure out how important denim will be this fall. Perfect for a casual style, combine it with a simple white tee or grey marl polo with a pair of indigo jeans/shorts for an easy take on the trend.


Made to give a classy touch to your style, in fall’s favourite colour palette.


You should already know this is allowed, but give some thought to why. It’s because fall earth tones, like wine or olive green, pop off the clean white denim, especially when grounded by pair of brown suede shoes (or desert boots).


Cotton is light and airy, and with the right choice of colours it is easily a transition for fall. BOAT SHOES Boat shoes are perfect beachwear for those looking to avoid the flip-flop style trap, but their classy look works well for fall, especially when paired with a chunky sock.


Bold mirrored lens sunglasses were, without a doubt, the standout accessory trend for the streets this season, with every frame shape and lens colour imaginable being spotted. Whether paired with tailoring or a simple t-shirt and shorts combination, these types of shades are bound to get you noticed and can be worn with all of your current everyday looks.


After the recent obsession with colourful 90’s-inspired trainers, it looks like we’re about to take a more paredback approach to our footwear, Lo-fi trainers go with pretty much anything, from slim black jeans and a shortsleeved shirt for a mid-week night out to jersey shorts and a vest for a lazy Sunday walk. So are you ready to try them all or just a few, just keep in mind to always have fun with your style this season and keep in mind to always be one step ahead of everyone else.