Finding Balance with Massage Therapy

Finding Balance with Massage Therapy

The Putahracsa Day Spa is a hidden gem in the heart of downtown Hua Hin

Located along soi Nahb Kaehat, the resort is divided into two sides. The first side is located on the beach side of the road, while the other side is west of the road and a bit more inland (although still only a stone’s throw from the beach). It is on the west, inland side of the road where you’ll find the Day Spa. As you approach the reception desk, the staff will guide you to the spa. Parking is available on either side of the road. On a recent visit, I opted for the 90-minute Body Balance massage (1,800 THB).

The massage promised a blend of Thai and Western massage techniques with warm Thai herbal compresses to relieve body tension and promote better sleep patterns. I was greeted at the door by Khun A, my massage therapist. She offered me an orange-scented cold towel and a glass of butterfly pea flower tea. We discussed my treatment for the day, and she asked if there were any parts of my body she should avoid, or any areas she should focus on. As I had strained my left calf earlier in the day, she said the herbal compresses involved in the massage would help to alleviate the strain – and she was correct. I was lead to a beautifully appointed room with soft lighting and gentle music playing.

I removed my shoes, and Khun A washed my feet before leaving the room for me to disrobe. I donned the black mesh-like disposable underwear I was given (happy to say I don’t have any photos of that – at least not to share) and climbed onto the massage table. With my face nestled in the towel-laden head rest, I looked upon a bowl filled with fresh flowers floating in water, and immediately felt relaxed. Khun A entered the room and the massage began. She alternated between an oil massage, and the use of hot herbal compresses on different areas of my body. Nothing felt rushed – I was completely relaxed and at ease from the start of the massage, straight through to the end. Following the treatment, I was given some ginger tea, and some dried guava to snack on. It was suggested I not shower for 2-3 hours to let the essential oils soak into my body.

The Putahracsa Day Spa practices a balance of traditional theories and modern techniques to create treatments that unify the mind, body and soul. Using ancient sources of nature and natural products, the spa ensures each treatment is a sensory experience. Treatments are available in the spa, or in-room (for guests of the hotel). Many spa packages are available – too numerous to mention here.

Check out their website (www.putahracsa. com) for more information. Hours: 10AM to 8PM Address: 22/65 Nahb Kaehat Road Reservations: +66 (0) 3253 1470