I Just Had The Rolls Royce of Facials!

I Just Had The Rolls Royce of Facials!
I Just Had The Rolls Royce of Facials!

You haven’t experienced pampering until you’ve experienced the Black Pearl 24k Gold Facial!

Last week I realised that Cleopatra had it all right! It is well documented that the former queen of Egypt had a bit of an ostentatious streak and amongst other things, loved to sleep with gold on her face. The ancient Egyptians used gold as so much more than just adornment; the precious metal was also used as a form of therapy for the skin, thanks to its curing and antibacterial properties. Well, now after experiencing a gold facial for myself, I can categorically tell you that the Egyptians had the right idea.

I have been following the craze of gold facials after celebs like Ellie Goulding, Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz all started raving about the incredible results they were getting from the luxury facials, but didn’t think that a normal pleb like me would ever have the chance to experience something like it. Well, let me tell you ladies it is now possible –the gold facial has come to South Africa and I couldn’t be more excited! Last week I got the chance to visit the oh-soincredible Delaire Graff spa in Stellenbosch to experience the Black Pearl 24K Gold Cleopatra Facial and trust me when I say, I have never experienced anything quite like it. Of course, the fact that this facial uses gold to treat clients’ skin is super cool but it’s not just about the ‘wow’ factor of having gold on your face – the facial actually works… like a bomb! After an hour and a half in the treatment room with my therapist, I sat up to find that my skin felt like a million bucks. My skin was beautifully plumped, moisturised up the whazoo and glowing like never before. I couldn’t stop staring at myself in the mirror and stroking my face and was even more pleasantly surprised when the results lasted a good few days afterwards.

If you there was ever a Rolls Royce of facials then this would be it. The Black Pearl 24k Gold Cleopatra Facial is the perfect facial for a bride to get before her wedding and, if you’re really feeling flush, before any other special occasion where you want to look great in pictures. This unique facial is said to have incredible  anti-aging effects and also improves blood circulation, stimulates metabolism, energises the skin and aids in natural healing, leaving your skin tightened and with a brighter complexion. The facial I had at Delaire Graff involved multiple steps using the Black Pearl range of products, a variety of semi-precious healing stones, and microdermabrasion. Each step was a treat in itself and even the extraction process felt gentle!

There’s no steam in this facial, as Delaire Graaf feels it can be quite jarring to the skin and instead the skin is left to heal itself during the mask stage. The 24K gold Cleopatra Mask is obviously the hero of this 1.5 hour facial and I loved the feeling of the mask being removed from my skin – the mask is gently removed with a metallic stone, leaving behind remnants of gold flakes on your skin. These flakes are then massaged into the skin to leave your skin feeling ultra soft and hydrated. The powerful mask contains a high concentration of active ingredients which includes hyaluronic acid which is said to be great for boosting hydration and combating the signs of aging.