Manual Therapy and Wellness

Manual Therapy and Wellness
Manual Therapy and Wellness

One of the greatest pleasures of living in Thailand is affordable access to massage and various manual therapies. Foot massages, Thai massage are obvious winners and availability is never in question.

Many of us regularly use these services week by week or month by month and in general, we go because it feels so good. However, people, for many years, access and promote manual therapies as support remedies for more serious, long term or chronic issues. Specifically, the development and maintenance of emotional intelligence, depression, anxiety, grief, and chronic pain. In particular, cranial osteopathy hailed as an excellent alternative or support to pharmaceutical remedies for depression and other emotional issues, such as stress.

Cranial Osteopathy, well known as an alternative therapy for both children and adults. For babies and children, this therapy helps to relieve sleeplessness, colic, irritability and used to help and support aggressive and unsettled behavior in children. Due to its gentle nature, this therapy is widely received by both babies and children. In adults, cranial osteopathy a well-known therapy for headaches and migraines. Cranial Osteopathy uses a gentle touch to relieve tensions and changes in the body’s tissues; primarily focused around the head and neck but is not limited to these areas of the body. Practitioners state that this therapy helps to improve the flow of the central nervous system, promotes, and increases exterior and interior body balance.

Stress, tension, and depression hamper the normal rhythmic motion of the brain. Cranial Osteopathy helps to redirect and regain the normal rhythm so that our body and emotional state are better equipped to function normally. Feeling the need for some, additional support to relieve stress and tension consider a series of treatments of cranial osteopathy. The use of alternative therapies to support physical and emotional wellness is widely recognized. An abundance of literature is available for a more detailed review of the copious benefits for one’s overall well-being.