Is It OK To Use Unfinished Cosmetics ?

Is It OK To Use Unfinished Cosmetics
Is It OK To Use Unfinished Cosmetics

If you are one of those who use cosmetics, this is one article that you will be of interest.

Do you know the shelf life of those cosmetics you own? Some of you might answer yes, but many us still keep using those expired cosmetics, especially lipsticks and eye shadow. As long as those cosmetics don’t cause any problem to our face, we think that it’s OK to keep using them. Nevertheless, you should be aware that it may harm your skin and health. Cosmetics will have the date of production and the expiry date stated on the products. These dates refer to unopened products, e.g. 3-5 years of shelf life. Once the product is open and is exposed to air, the shelf life will be shortened. The average shelf life of cosmetics which have been opened are generally as follows: Mascara and Water Eyeliner: 3-6 months, Water-based foundation, primer, and BB Cream: 1 year, Oil-based foundation, primer, and BB Cream: 18 months, Cream or liquid blush and eye shadow: 12-18 months, Powder or compressed blush and eye shadow: 2 years, Cream eyeliner and lip liner: 2 years, Concealer: 12-18 months, Lip gloss: 1 year, Lipsticks: 2 years, Nail polish: 1 yea, Perfume: 18 months, All compressed powder: 2 years Treatment with preservative: a 1 year, Treatment without preservative: 1-3 months Accessories, e.g. brushes, should be cleaned at least every 2 weeks. We suggest that you check your cosmetics when you got home. Throw away those already expired. And don’t feel bad about it! Using expired cosmetics is just like eating spoiled food or taking expired medicine. It can be harmful to your skin and health. Use of expired cosmetics will cause skin allergies that also lead to more expense than purchasing g new supplies.