Pregnancy Testing; the ‘beta-hCG’ Factor

Pregnancy Testing; the ‘beta-hCG’ Factor
Pregnancy Testing; the ‘beta-hCG’ Factor

“Am I pregnant?” is a question that some of the ladies may be asking themselves.   How can a person know whether they are pregnant?   The hormone ‘beta-hCG’ may be able to help you answer that question.

Beta-hCG, or to use the full name ‘beta-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin’ is a hormone produced by placenta cells. Amongst many of its function, beta-hCG stimulates the creation of estrogen during the first stages of pregnancy; including the Relaxin hormone that softens and widens the cervix. Beta-hCG can be detected 7-10 days after ovulation and fertilization has occurred.

It will increase by a factor of two every 2-3 days, and will arrive at its highest point at 8-10 weeks of pregnancy; when the pregnant mother could have the worst morning sickness. Beta-hCG’s level will decrease after 12 weeks of pregnancy, and then stabilize. Morning sickness will gradually decrease at the same time. The Two Types of Pregnancy Test Urine test: This is the most convenient and accessible test

, with a 50% chance of detecting pregnancy after 1 week of missing a period and 100 percent chance after 2 weeks.

The chance of detecting pregnancy will increase in line with the increasing level of hormone. This is the reason why the test kit may not detect pregnancy at the early stage and that the test needs to be taken many times in some cases. Blood test: This is the more accurate test, detecting the pregnancy faster. It can identify the level of beta-hCG in line with the gestational time. The level of beta-hCG varies at each stage of pregnancy after the last menstrual period (LMP) indicating the gestation stage.

However, the level of beta-hCG may increase or decrease due to other factors such as decreasing following a miscarriage, atresia folliculi or ectopic gestation or increasing from hydatid pregnancy or twin pregnancy. Lifestyle also affects body systems, including hormone levels. Eating well, getting enough rest and trying not to overstress are important factors. If you find any abnormality or do not feel well, it is always best to consult with the doctor to receive the correct information. Provided by Health Lab Hua Hin