Public Health Ministry Warns of Rising Pneumonia Risks

Public Health Ministry Warns of Rising Pneumonia Risks
Public Health Ministry Warns of Rising Pneumonia Risks

The Public Health Ministry is warning Thais to beware of the rising risk of pneumonia during the rainy season, particularly among both young and elderly family members.

Deputy Permanent Secretary and spokesman of the Public Health Ministry Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong said today that unstable weather conditions, which bring both heat and rain, pose a risk to people with health problems or a low immune system, especially those who are younger than five years old as well as older people with such chronic illnesses as heart disease, pneumonitis or diabetes. Dr. Opas noted that people with these issues may contract colds or influenza easily and their condition may be further complicated by pneumonia, which is the No.1 cause of fatalities among those suffering from any type of infectious disease.

According to Dr. Opas, there are seven groups of at-risk people, including women at least four months pregnant, children aged between six months and two years, people with chronic illnesses, the elderly aged over 65 years, cerebral palsy patients, people with thalassemia, immunodeficiency or HIV, and people who weigh over 100 kilograms. The Public Health Ministry spokesman is now urging all at-risk people to be vaccinated to prevent the chance of catching influenza or pneumonia as soon as possible.