Rejuvenated by the Spa Experience – ‘It’s A Breeze’

Rejuvenated by the Spa Experience – ‘It’s A Breeze’
Rejuvenated by the Spa Experience – ‘It’s A Breeze’

Apart from a friendly welcome from the reception staff at the Breeze Spa at the Amari,  there was one important question they wanted me to answer.  “How do you want to feel after the treatment?” I ticked the “rejuvenated” box; my post-therapy assessment?; mission accomplished!

First came a genuine and warm welcome from Khun Jeab; she’s more than just a receptionist. She listened carefully to my many rather naïve questions, asked about any special requirements, concerns or health issues. It’s not just to boost your confidence; duty of care is taken seriously including staff qualifications and training. To really make you feel relaxed and at ease, a cooling glass of mixed tropical fruit juices was served before I was introduced to my therapist Khun Cap Moo showed me the way to a private treatment room. What I was about to experience after the essential foot cleansing and ‘re-dressing’ down to just disposable underwear was a Hua Hin Tropicana Package; 2 hours which involves an intense exfoliate treatment and a complete and relaxing massage.

For those who may be a little on the shy side, there’s a discrete towel shield held by the therapist to ensure a client’s modesty is maintained; after all the disposables don’t leave a lot to the imagination! My exfoliation experience began with aromatic oils being drizzled over me then I could feel (not see); a mixture of real pearl powder and grounded jasmine rice being sprinkled over me followed by a gentle rub, just faintly abrasive, to remove worn-out skin tissues and stimulate the microcirculation of cells.

Pearls have been used for centuries for both beauty and health reasons. Rice is rich with vitamins and other nutrients, as a perfect treatment for your skin. The next stage was a shower to remove the exfoliates. Demonstrating attention to detail and convenience I was surprised to find a running warm water shower was waiting. Khun Cap Moo had left me alone for just a moment or two before I was asked to shower and that was why. Struggling with temperature or pressure controls wasn’t necessary. At a number of stages of my luxurious massage Khun Cap

Moo extended her hands below my downturned my face so that a variety of subtle aromas from massage oils could be enjoyed from beneath the open headrest. At one point warmed sea shells were held against my ears as a pleasant reminder of childhood days at the beach when this was a way to hear the sounds of the sea; it still works. I also remembered that pet dogs really enjoy having their ear lobes massaged; I discovered that also works for me! Time goes by quickly when you are in that state of peaceful bliss. It’s also hard to remember much when you drift away into your own thoughts without a care in the world.

I later explained to the Spa Manager Khun Nick that my best problem solving times are either during a long distance solo drive or when drifting in and out of sleep in the very early hours of the morning. However the third time is during a soothing and blissful massage. It didn’t really enter my mindset, but I could have solved any world crisis during my time at the Breeze Spa. The Spa industry in Thailand and especially in Hua Hin is really a feature of the tourist experience that locals can also enjoy. The best operators are very thoughtful, designing services and facilities to be luxurious, immaculate, inviting and restful.
The Breeze Spa at the Amari is an example of this thoughtfulness.

As an example, recent redecoration deliberately avoided a traditional Thai style on the advice of Thai clients who suggested that both religious and royal sensibilities may not be appropriate when enjoying personal indulgences. Instead walls of small white stones, shimmering mosaics, subtle natural and subdued lighting and wooden parquetry flooring set the scene. There’s even your own private ‘after treatment area’ where a drinking a jasmine tea completes your experience. A definition of rejuvenation may be “making someone feel or look young, healthy, or energetic again, to give new strength or energy.” That was my initial request and that was my feeling upon returning to the ‘real world’. My thanks and appreciation to the Breeze Spa staff for the rejuvenation experience, it’s one everyone should relish from time to time.

Where: Amari Hua Hin; Breeze
Spa: 117/74 Moobaan Nongkae Hua Hin.
Open: 11.00 AM to 8.00 PM everyday
Contact: 66 (0) 3261 6600;
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