All Risk Insurance in Hua Hin; Understanding the Options

All Risk Insurance in Hua Hin; Understanding the Options
All Risk Insurance in Hua Hin; Understanding the Options

Insurance is often a subject of conversation between ex-pats. Many realise that in Thailand the rules are not the same as in their home country but when the differences are not understood what often happens is underinsurance and vulnerability.

someone suffering a serious medical condition being unable to access the most effective medical care because costs could not be met with inadequate or no health insurance. Even those with some cover soon find out that their circumstances are not covered by the policy. When an illness or accident has fatal consequences, those left behind may be forced to make frantic pleas to distant relatives with their country embassy unwilling to meet unpaid medical accounts. There are many stories of seriously injured or unwell foreigners stranded with the real possibility of passports being retained or the body of a deceased person not being released. Who is going to pay the account?

As ex-pats in Hua Hin are often more ‘senior’ in their years, insurance become even more of a necessity, however a lack of knowledge often results in this being neglected; much to their peril. When foreigners decide to investigate the insurance options, what may follow is bewilderment and confusion as an encounter with a large insurance provider may not provide all the answers or options. Another way is to seek the advice of a broker; someone who understands the nuances, strengths and weaknesses of insurance company policies. We met with Trin Nawananthawong, better known as Khun Tony, who provides this service. His company operates from a small office at the Tesco Lotus supermarket next door to the Vana Nava Water Park, although he really prefers to visit his clients at their home or over a cup of coffee and spend the time showing all the options with knowledge based on a pharmaceutical and legal background.

His credentials include licensing for both health/life and motor vehicle/property insurances issued by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) under the supervision of the Thai Ministry of Finance. This conversation may be either in English or Thai with the differences due to age, preexisting medical conditions and perhaps after a medical examination discussed with policy options clarified.

He will explain the difference between inpatient and outpatient coverage, a common mistake is to only consider the former not realising that some essential tests such as an MRI scan or dialysis means outpatient costs. Tony is also able to explain and offer many other types of insurance including Motor Vehicle, Motor Vehicle Tax Services, Life Insurance, Property and Liability Insurance. What’s on offer is an easy conversation to understand all the insurance options available in Hua Hin to protect of you and your family.

Where: Inside Tesco Lotus next to the Vana Nava Water Park
When: 7 days a week from 9 AM to 8 PM
Contact: 080 500 2222,