Taking Care of Cancer

Taking Care of Cancer
Taking Care of Cancer

Cancer is getting a lot of attention on social media nowadays, especially when it comes to light with the passing away of a celebrity. Two recent late celebrities died of cancer. Others had their history of having cancer, being cured, then a reoccurrence; either at the second stage or the third stage, at different locations until passing away. Now why does that happen?

Cancer is also the No. 1 cause of death by illness for Thai people. The number of new Thai patients having cancer is increasing by 130,000 people per year. Today we will remind you about the danger of cancer again. Firstly, starting with the causes of cancer, which are as follows: Genetic: which has a 5-10 percent influence over the disease Behaviour: such as dietary, smoking, drinking alcohol, sexual orientation (cause of Cervical Cancer) Environment: especially pollution, either in the air, water, or even sunlight

These factors cause not only cancer, but also other diseases. The most common types of cancer found are: Male: liver cancer, lung cancer, colonic carcinoma and anal cancer Female: breast cancer, cervical cancer and liver cancer. Overall the top causes of death are liver cancer and lung cancer.

This is because the diagnosis of both types of cancer is very hard compared to other types of cancer that may be detected sooner, providing a better chance for a cure.
We believe that many of you already know how to live your life away from cancer. The question is whether or not you choose such a lifestyle. Such way of living starts from avoiding all the aforementioned risk factors, exercising, eating a variety of healthy food (healthy food is not expensive food), and having health checkups regularly.

We want you to understand that you should wait until you get sick to have a venipuncture (a test with blood from a vein). Don’t try to fool yourself that you are fine, because you do not see or feel anything wrong.

You cannot really know what is happening inside your body, without a checkup. The checkup costs so little, compared to a longer lifetime that you will get to spend with your loved ones. Or do you want to pay more for getting treatment when you are sick?
You need to take care of your body, take your body to the hospital to get a checkup. Sometime you even take a better care of your car than your body. Be good to your body! Provided by Health Lab Hua Hin