Top tips for a better night’s sleep

Top tips for a better night’s sleep
Top tips for a better night’s sleep

We’ve all woken up feeling like we need an extra hour in bed. But when a bad night’s sleep becomes the norm, it can take a huge toll on your health and well being. While it may take some time, dedication and consistency, there are some simple steps you can take to improve how you sleep. These tips probably won’t cure insomnia, but they may help you get a better night’s sleep and improve the overall quality of your sleep.

Create a sleep sanctuary in your bedroom

Numerous studies have found that those who sleep best do so in a comfortable bedroom that is strictly for sleeping. So if you eat, watch TV or use your smartphone in the bedroom, it is time to stop! Make your room as dark as possible and try and ensure it is at a comfortable temperature – the colder the better, so you might want to turn the air con on an hour before you go to bed to ensure your bedroom is nice and cool.

No screens or gadgets in bed!

Exposure to blue light from smartphones and tablets can disrupt your body’s circadian rhythm, making it difficult to fall asleep. Ideally it is best to stop using your device at least one hour before bed. Failing that, you should try to use the ‘night mode’ features that are now present in many apps and devices. Enabling night mode will help reduce the blue light emitted from smartphones and tablets. Don’t drink caffeine too late in the day Who doesn’t love a 50 baht ice coffee? But if you are struggling to sleep, caffeine (unsurprisingly), is a likely cause. Caffeine stays in your bloodstream for up to eight hours so avoid the after dinner coffee and if possible, try for no caffeine after 2pm.

Move more

Regular exercise can reduce the amount of time it takes people to fall asleep, while also increasing the amount of time they stay asleep. We know Thailand is warm, which makes exercising a bit more challenging. But you don’t have to go all out- a walk on the beach, a swim, even a quick power walk around BluPort will have some benefit. The point is to just try and move more as even a bit of exercise is better than nothing.

By Phil Williams