This is a 3 month Personal Training program designed to get you well on your way in achieving your goals with viable results. HIIT Training has been recognized as the best and quickest way to get into shape safely and effectively when taught correctly. With the added benefit of resistance (weight) training after your initial conditioning period, you will be adding a new dimension into your sessions; giving you the ability to sculpt your body as you continue to get into amazing shape! You will lose body fat, inches, many daily aches and pains, stiffness, weakness, and more.

You will gain Power, Confidence, Physical Strength, Inner Strength, Stamina and Flexibility. It is especially effective for those who are or have recovered from an injury or surgery such as hip or/and knee replacements. With the guidance of someone with 35 years’ experience as a Personal Trainer, post surgery and injury rehabilitation specialist. I have helped many people reconnect and learn to live again in their bodies with more ease. Relieving their body of fatigue and injury, and gaining new confidence and appreciation for their bodies.

It’s the only one you have to live in, better take care it!! Just because you are tired, overweight, full of aches and pains, feeling down, doesn’t mean you can’t change that around. It just means you have to be willing to look further ahead and determine if you want to stay that way or live again, in that wonderful body of yours! It takes EFFORT! E. Energy F. Fun F. Focus O. Organization R. Realistic goals T.

Time If you have these things, then you are assured favorable results. Anything short of that, and you will fail to achieve your goals. We will take a body fat percent analysis in the beginning, middle and end of the 3 months, to show you the real results. Not only will you look different and tighter in the mirror, you will understand exactly how much you’ve lost in Body Fat and how much you have gained in muscle and what exactly your caloric intake is. Then I can determine what your caloric intake should be in order for you to achieve your desired results and stay on track.

The numbers on the scale are of little importance once you understand the composition of the body and what your’s should be. We will meet 3 times per week with an additional 2 days of self-independent training. This will be structured for you to compliment your Personal Training sessions and help you move more quickly. The fee for this 3 month program is; 36,000THB. A savings of 7,200THB! This includes fresh towels, water, 3-BodyFat % tests, Training shirts, Meal plan, other classes, Fresh vegetable and fruit juice and an independent self-training program for you to follow on your off days. For a FREE 30 min. consultation, please call the gym to set up an appointment to meet.

This is limited to only 6 people at this time so act now! Each one will meet with me independently as well as attend other occasional group classes. In Health and Well Being, Dean Scott, POWERFIT 102 : 032 900 533 Soi 102 Hua Hin. BALANCE THE BODY. BALANCE THE MIND. ACHIEVE WELLNESS.