Why Is Laughing Good For You?

Why Is Laughing Good For You
Why Is Laughing Good For You
Why Is Laughing Good For You
Why Is Laughing Good For You

Have you ever count how many times you laugh per day? Some of you might say ‘‘I laugh all day” or “I laugh so much that I lose count”. Some of you might found so little humor in your day that you can count how many times you laugh. When the weather is gloomy and with a very intense political situation, you might feel depressed and stressed very easily.

Nevertheless, we can never live our life without a little laughter and some humour. Feeling happy, having humour or laughing actually have lots more benefits that most of us know, which is the subject of this article! In general, laughing can be divided into 2 types.

First, natural laughing from humorous stories or a narrative or any events in your daily life. Second, laugh therapy – a laugh you let out intentionally; meaning that you make yourself laugh without any humor. For example, Laughter Yoga from India – a combination of laughing and breathing control.

In Thailand, we have the Centre for Counseling and Human Development at Srinakharinwirot University, which created laugh therapy by combining breathing control, laughing and body exercise. Both types of laughing help your body function. this is because when you laugh your brain produces a biochemical substance called ‘endorphin’, a happiness substance. Endorphin helps inhibit pain and make us think positively and creatively. It also helps decrease the level of Cortisol and Adrenaline, which cause stress. More importantly, when we laugh our respiratory rate increases and we will breathe deeper, supplying more oxygen to organs them work better.

There are still many other benefits from laughing such as:
– It is a good exercise for the whole body because it creates rhythmic motion throughout the whole body (organs included!), especially for our heart.
– It makes our heart able to pump more blood to different parts in our body, helps preventing cardiac diseases.
– It is a great way to get healthy! If we can laugh for the whole hour, we can burn as much as 500 kilo calories and our body can create enough heat to kill germs and prevent respiratory diseases, asthma, allergies, flu and many more.
– It makes us feel relax, if we laugh often, which will further result as better sleep and less tension in our muscle, especially the face, providing us with smoother skin and maybe even a baby face!
– It helps calm the mind and make us able to concentrate more.
– It even helps with your love life and social life! Laughing can prevent you from ataraxic, feeling lonesome or social isolated!
– It is rather unbelievable that laughing can provide us with so many goodies!

We get so much just from laughing with one nonsense joke (or maybe a very serious one). Therefore, we would suggest to those who want to get healthier, but are too busy or do not know where to start, to start putting more humour and laughter in their life. It is very easy, costs you no time and no charges at all! n On top of that, besides making your life more colorful and lively, it is also a good way to share happiness with the loved ones around you!