Your Massage Matters

Your Massage Matters
Your Massage Matters

Massage options in Hua Hin come in all shapes and sizes………. perhaps the same as the customers! However there are two real choices when it comes to style and budget.

On one hand most upmarket resorts offer massage and spa experiences that can be exotic and luxurious; but there is a price to be paid. On the other hand there are literally 100’s of massage shops on the streets around town. The problem is which ones are ‘real’ and which ones are offering something other than treatment for your stress or discomfort?

Our mission was to find a compromise; a great massage at a bargain price, nothing more or less. After asking those ‘in the know’ and visiting a few premises that didn’t meet our criteria, we found the answer at Orchid Massage near the Tippawan Village, just a few kilometres out of town. The owner Khun Ae can discuss your needs in English so you feel relaxed immediately. Attention to detail is apparent, not pretentious, but pleasant and relaxing. My needs were simple, get rid of this aching hip please! Khun Ae was confident that wouldn’t be a problem.

Thai or oil? ……. I didn’t really care as long as the problem was solved; up to you. My hour massage was a cross between the two styles; some massage oils but really a more traditional approach, firm and strong as the best of both worlds. One specialty of Khun Ae is a secret homemade recipe for a herbal balm you won’t find anywhere else! An hour later I was walking pain-free again. Khun Ae tactfully mentioned that more exercise was really needed and she didn’t mean just walking around the golf course!

Where: Take Soi 80 from Phetcha kasem Road than after crossing the rail line; swing right to follow the klong road north. Look for the third 711 store (there’s also a large white water tower) across the klong (waterway) then after heading inland veer right towards Tippawan Village. The premises are easy to see after a further 50 metres.
Open: 9 am to 9 pm everyday. Phone: 087 3668829 (appointments are advisable) Facebook: