Bumrungrad Celebrates Pride Month

Bumrungrad Celebrates Pride Month
Bumrungrad Celebrates Pride Month

By launching its pride clinic to deliver life-time value healthcare for the lgbtq+ community

Bumrungrad is teaming up with its endocrinologists and specialists to launch its new “Pride Clinic” to deliver high quality medical care over the long-term to members of the gender-nonconforming individuals, facilitating their access to customized care based on their individual needs. The medical services on offer range from gender affirming procedures to gender confirmation surgery with Bumrungrad’s highest standards of safety.

Pharmacist Artirat Charukitpipat, CEO of Bumrungrad International Hospital, states “Throughout Bumrungrad’s 40-year history, Bumrungrad has demonstrated respect for diversity including cultural, ethnic, gender, and sexual orientation because we have experience treating a diverse group of patients from all over the world.

The launch of the Pride Clinic is another one of Bumrungrad’s milestones in providing holistic, integrated medical care to members of the gender-nonconforming individuals of all ages, while meeting the highest standards of safety, to bring to life our belief that everyone can be the best version of themselves.

At Bumrungrad, we prioritize the privacy of all our patients, irrespective of their ages, especially regarding their medical histories, privacy in treatment areas, and maintaining their anonymity. Bumrungrad stands with the LGBTQ+ community and celebrates Pride Month in June 2021 as part of our efforts to respect all types of diversity. Associate Professor Dr. Taveesin Tanprayoon, Chief Medical Officer of Bumrungrad International Hospital, states “A growing number of younger people are confident, express themselves, and have respect for others without bias on gender or taste.

Moreover, in the experience of our teams of doctors and medical professionals who have met diverse groups of customers, there is growing demand from all age-groups within the gender-nonconforming individuals and their families for medical care. Our psychologists can lend support and guidance.

We provide hormone treatments, and surgical procedures, like gender confirming & affirming procedures and gender-confirmation surgery, under the care and guidance of our teams of surgeons and specialists who work with each patient to craft the most effective and safest postoperative treatment plan possible.

The opening of Pride Clinic today is the latest offering at Bumrungrad and it aims to cover every dimension of patient care for all communities, while maintaining international standards of safety. Dr. Sira Korpaisarn, Endocrinologist and Hormone Specialist at Bumrungrad International Hospital, states “Having appropriate knowledge and understanding regarding health issues is important among the gender-nonconforming individuals.

A significant number of women who, having transitioned from being assigned male at birth, self-medicate by using birth-control pills as a substitute for hormone replacement therapy, which can endanger their good health. Pride Clinic delivers holistic, integrated medical care to the gender-nonconforming individuals, which meets the highest standards of safety. Pride Clinic’s medical services on offer range from hormone therapies to help one’s physical characteristics match one’s identity, masculinizing / feminizing procedures, gender affirming surgery, feminine voice training and vocal cord surgery, aesthetic and skin procedures, mental health programs, and check-up programs for gender-diverse and gendernon-conforming individuals of all age groups.

The procedures are over seen by our team of doctors and medical specialists.” Our surgeons who deliver high quality gender confirming surgery outcomes have more than 20 years of experience and have performed at least 1,000 surgeries, having received their degrees in either cosmetic or plastic surgery. Our doctors are either certified plastic surgeons or Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons.

Thailand has few doctors who specialize in or have extensive professional knowledge of hormone therapies. Doctors who specialize in this area must have experience to understand the healthcare needs of the gendernonconforming individuals to be able to act as a resource for and deliver customized medical care to community members. The Pride Clinic provides safe and effective treatments for every need.

Dr. Rataporn Ungpakorn, dermatologist and aesthetic doctor at VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center at Bang Krachao, adds, “Bumrungrad Hospital can provide additional post-operative care to in-patients and has teams waiting to care for your needs at the VitalLife Wellness Center at Bang Krachao in Samutprakan Province, which integrates wellness and medicine holistically and is the first such center in Asia.

Its key feature is the integration of advanced medical technology and holistic wellness, which focuses on preventative treatments and individually crafted exclusive treatments. Our wellness programs overseen by doctors and medical specialists, cover everything from physical health to mental well-being, including treatments geared to assisting the bo