Free Covid-19 vaccine for 70 million Thais starting next month


Who are the suppliers of the Covid-19 vaccine?

Astrazeneca Co., Ltd. –   Advance order: 26 million doses
Additional: 26 million doses
Total: 52 million doses

Currently, the health ministry is negotiating with Pfizer, Moderna, Covax and several other laboratories to acquire another 20 million doses to reach the expected 70 million doses to avail for the majority Thai population.

When will the first vaccine arrive?
The first 200,000 doses are expected to arrive in February 2021 by the Sino Vac Co., Ltd. (China). Health workers will be the first in line to be vaccinated particularly those in high-risk provinces such as Samut Sakhon, Rayong and Chonburi, as well as patients with severe conditions and complications.

The next shipment of the vaccine will be in March 2021 with 800,000 doses also from Sino Vac Co. Ltd., and will be distributed to health workers and volunteers at the western and southern borders and to prioritised patients with severe conditions and complications.

Another 1,000,000 doses of the vaccine will arrive the following month, April, from the same company in China and will be administered to the majority population.

Can Thailand produce its own vaccine?
By May this year, Thailand is expected to start manufacturing its own vaccine through the supervision and technology-sharing between Astrazeneca laboratories and Siam BioScience Co., Ltd.

What you should know about Siam Bioscience Co., Ltd.
Siam Bioscience Co., Ltd is wholly owned by the Crown Property Bureau established by the Royal Initiative of King Rama IX, aiming to produce quality medicine at an affordable price for the people without profit. Siam BioScience has one of ASEAN’s most modern laboratories specialising in medicine and vaccine production.

Is the Covid-19 vaccine free for Thais?
Absolutely, the vaccine is free for all Thais in which the government expects to provide to not less than 50% of the general population.

FDA standard and the Covid-19 vaccine
Thailand does not block any vaccine imports, however, it needs the approval of the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to ensure its safety and must comply with international standards.

The government will firmly allocate fair and inclusive access to the Covid-19 vaccines, to meet the needs and safety requirements for the well-being of the public, regardless the situation.

Source: The National Vaccine Security Act 2018, Section 3