Finding the root cause of your headache: tension headache

Finding the root cause of your headache: tension headache
Finding the root cause of your headache: tension headache


Nearly everyone will suffer a headache at some point in time, headache is one of the most common reasons people seek medical help, and it’s the number one reason for patients to come to our clinic. Working as an acupuncturist encouraged me to look deeper at the causes of problems, often, more than one underlying cause contributes to each headache. In this part of the article, I will first discuss tension-type headache:


A tension headache is felt as pain, tightness, or pressure around the head, the pain is sometimes described as throbbing or aching and can affect the heads front, top, back, or side. A person feels pain in the neck, upper back, eyes, jaw, or other muscle groups in the body. It may also radiate from other areas like the shoulders or upper back.


Muscle contractions can cause tension headaches, and these contractions can be caused by various foods, activities, stress, or some people develop tension headaches after staring at a computer screen for a long time. Cold temperatures may also trigger a tension headache, even hidden dental infections or TMJ can be significant enough to contribute to headaches.


Acupuncture can stimulate the nervous system to release natural painkillers, also, it helps relax the muscles. I will examine all the muscle groups that are involved in muscle tension as it is vital to identify, and correct, the ordinary everyday activities that are the source of muscle strain in the neck and shoulders, leading to a headache.

Maintaining good posture is essential, and another major factor is dehydration, many people do not drink enough water to hydrate their cells adequately. Muscles that do not get enough water ache more than well-hydrated muscles.
In the following article, I will discuss migraine headaches.