Overweight, obesity and the risk of contracting Covid-19


According to Dr Opass Puttacharoen, head of the Centre for Emerging Disease Clinic of Chulalongkorn Hospital has posted on his FB page ‘Opass Putcharoen’ saying that “every kilogram of body weight increases the risk of contracting Covid-19 disease as well.”

Most people think that the group with higher risk of contracting Covid-19 disease comes from the elderly, diabetic people or people with low immune system. That does not tell all the truth— undoubtedly, overweight people are also at high risk of contracting the disease.

The reason why obese people has a greater possibility of contracting Covid-19, is that their lungs work much less than normal people and the T cell of their immune system is less active, also another possibility of blood clots forming in the lungs, which can cause the respiratory system to malfunction.

With all the negative factors that occurs in the body, the higher the chance of the disease to become stronger. So even if you’re young, and you’re overweight, you are likely to contract the disease same as an older person.

In addition, Dr Opass provided several useful links and illustrations showing the graph is based on a study by the PNAS Journal in the UK, where people being hospitalised along with Covid patients, the index of their body mass multiply twice the age, and if your body mass index is more than 35 years old, that is almost two times higher than the average people.