Psychedelics: Can getting high improve your mental health?


Can the mind-blowing effects of psychedelics help heal our traumas?

“The Goop Lab,” Gwyneth Paltrow’s new Netflix mini-series, tackles the topic in their first episode by sending several Goop employees to Jamaica to ingest magic mushrooms under the careful guidance of psychotherapists.

One young woman, traumatized by her father’s suicide, declares she “went through years of therapy in about five hours.”

What does the scientific community say about the role of psychedelics on our psyche?

It’s an increasingly hopeful thumps up.

Despite the fact that psychedelics are illegal, the last decade has seen an explosion of research, with results so intriguing that governments are greenlighting studies around the world.

Scientists are busily exploring the role of hallucinogens on treatment-resistant depression, post traumatic stress disorder, cancer-related anxiety, addictions, and even anorexia. But this is not the first time science became giddy over the potential benefits of psychedelics. That story began nearly a century ago.

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By Sandee LaMotte, CNN