Preparations set for potential “second wave”

Permanent secretary of Ministry of Public Health Dr. Sukhum Kanchanaphimai (Photo: Thai PBS)

The Public Health Ministry says while they are hoping for the best, it is preparing for the possibility of a ‘second wave’ of the outbreak, once the emergency decree is lifted at the end of July.

Recognising the risk of a ‘second wave’ as more restrictions are eased, permanent secretary of the ministry Dr. Sukhum Kanchanaphimai says preparations are in progress to ensure the country can assertively manage its medical and health system.

Preparations included 1.3 million doses of medication, including 300,000 tablets of Favipiravir, and over 20,000 hospital beds on standby.

Nation Thailand reported that medical staff are preparing over a million N95 face masks and over 500,000 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as well as 11,000 respirators.

In addition to the hospital’s effort for preparation, Thailand is continuing its research on a potential vaccine for Covid-19, in which animal testing is being conducted so far. Human testing is expected to start sometime between July and October.

To rapid up the process, Thailand is corresponding with other countries that are already at the human testing stage. If an effective vaccine is formulated, health officials say it wouldn’t cost more than 900 baht.

Currently, the 58 Covid-19 patients who are still being treated in the hospital are in a stable condition. The new cases that are being reported daily were repatriates from overseas who shows minor symptoms of the virus during their 14-day state quarantine.

It’s been 36 days that Thailand has no new local transmissions being reported.

Original Writer: Maya Taylor | The Thaiger
Source: Nation Thailand