Reports of vaccine’s low efficacy among elderly is “completely incorrect” – AstraZeneca

Thailand is scheduled to receive its first 50,000 doses from AstraZeneca starting next month. (Photo: Premium resource)

The British bio-pharmaceutical company in partnership with Oxford University AstraZeneca claims that reports of their Covid-19 vaccine have a very low efficacy amongst the elderly is “completely incorrect.”

German newspapers today published articles reporting that AstraZeneca vaccine has an efficacy of only 8 percent for people over 65 years old.

The vaccine is set to be approved by the European Union this week, but reports added that Berlin does not expect the vaccine will be approved to be used for the elderly.

“In November, we published data in The Lancet demonstrating that older adults showed strong immune responses to the vaccine, with 100% of older adults generating spike-specific antibodies after the second dose.”

Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul instructed all hospitals to be prepared for the first phase of vaccinations as Thailand will receive its initial 50,000 doses from AstraZeneca starting next month, adding that the government has already approved the vaccine for emergency use. The vaccine requires 2 doses injected 4 to 12 weeks apart.

Sources: The Thaiger | Reuters | Nation Thailand | AFP