Thai Health Officials wants smoking to be banned in residential buildings

PHOTO: Irina Iriser on Unsplash

Health officials have said the laws in Thailand should ban smoking in residential buildings such as condominiums, hotels, and dormitories.

To protect residents from second-hand smoke and above all children. Paisan Limsathit from the Health Laws and Ethics Centre at Thamassat University, said residential buildings be totally no-smoking areas.

The law only bans smoking in public areas, corridors, and lobbies. The National Health Foundation organized the seminar and shared their findings of a Thammasat University study on smoking in condominium buildings conducted this year.

1,204 people surveyed about 15% said they were smokers. Nearly half the smokers 45% said they usually smoked their cigarettes on their condo balconies. Respondents voted in favor (89%) of a total smoking ban on condo premises.

Non-smokers are vulnerable to passive smoking because it can seep through cracks or be blown around by air vandalization.

According to a US study banning smoking in residential buildings could cut maintenance costs by nearly 5 billion baht protecting the health of residents and reducing the risk of fires.

The fine for smoking in public places starts at 2,000 baht, rising to a potential 100,000 baht per year.

Source: Chiang Rai Times