110th anniversary of first train to arrive at Hua Hin Railway Station

Royal pavilion at Hua Hin Railway Station

110 years of train travel in Hua Hin was celebrated on Thursday (Nov 25) with a merit making ceremony held at Hua Hin Railway Station.

The ceremony marked the 110th anniversary of the first train to arrive at Hua Hin Railway Station from Bangkok Noi station.

Hua Hin Railway Station is one of the oldest stations in Thailand and is regarded as one of the most iconic.

Built in the reign of King Rama VI the original station was completed in 1910 before being rebuilt in 1926 by Prince Purachatra Jayakara, the former commander of the Royal State Railways of Siam.

Its most striking feature is the splendid Royal waiting room constructed in the Thai architectural style. The room was relocated from Sanam Chan Palace in Nakhon Pathom province.

In 1911 the first train arrived at Hua Hin from Bangkok Noi Station as part of the opening of the Southern Thailand rail line.

By 1921, the train line was being used to connect Bangkok, Hua Hin and as far south as Singapore.

The route was used by Thai Royalty and aristocrats to travel from Bangkok to Hua Hin.

It was also used by the European expatriates of the day to travel between Bangkok, Malaysia and Singapore.

The station remains one of Hua Hin’s most iconic landmarks, having featured in the selfies of probably millions of tourists both Thais and foreigners.

The station is set to continue to be enjoyed by both tourists and locals for some years to come.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that despite the expansion of Hua Hin Railway Station to accommodate the new dual track rail line, the original station will remain in place.

A new state of the art station building and platform is currently being constructed next to it.

An image of the Hua Hin train station in Thailand