A mix of history and a tranquil beach: When was the last time you visited Ao Manao?

Ao Manao,Phrachuap khiri khan city,Thailand November 3, 2019 : Family play sand at tropical beach have banana boat and mountain background

Ao Manao bay is very much a serene location that combines natural beauty with a rich historical backdrop.

Situated approximately 5 kilometers from the centre of Mueang District in Prachuap, this picturesque bay is under the stewardship of Wing 5, Royal Thai Air Force, and serves as a reminder of the area’s historical significance during World War II.

“Let’s Go” series to spotlight places to visit in Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan

Ao Manao is renowned for its inviting waters, making it an ideal spot for swimming. The bay’s gentle sandy slopes gradually descend, allowing the sea depth to increase with distance from the shore, ensuring a safe swimming environment.

Thanks to the surrounding mountains, the bay is sheltered from strong currents and winds, providing a calm and secure setting for visitors. The beach’s fine sandy texture and expansive area offer ample space for relaxation, whether on a beach chair or a leisurely stroll along the shoreline.

Chairs and tables can be rented from the beach vendors, while the road adjacent to the beach also features a number of shops, toilet and shower blocks and car parking.

You can also enjoy some very affordable and fresh seafood and Thai food from the restaurants close to the beach.

Ao Manao has a historical significance with the area once serving as a battlefield during the conflict between the Royal Thai Army and the Japanese Army in World War II. A monument within the air force base, “The Monument to the Heroes,” features a statue of an Air Force soldier in pilot attire, standing atop an airplane propeller while holding a flag and facing the sea.

This memorial honors the sacrifices of Wing 5 soldiers who lost their lives during the war. Each year on December 8, a memorial day event is held to commemorate those who died in the battle.

Good sunny day Deck chair and beach umbrella on the sand coast at Ao Manao in Prachuap Khiri Khan,THAILAND.

Ao Manao is a popular spot with Thai tourists, especially on the weekends, but during the week, the place can be almost deserted and you can pretty much have the place to yourself. Access to the beach is via the military base, with visitors sometimes required to register at the base entrance on Th Salacheep.

Although a passport may not always be necessary, carrying one or some form of ID is advisable to ensure smooth entry. From the entrance, it’s a short 2.5km journey to reach the tranquil shores of Ao Manao. Directly across the bay, the striking Khao Lammuak provides a picturesque backdrop, completing the serene landscape.

Ao Manao serves not only as a beach retreat but also forms part of the region’s historical past.

Well worth visiting for both residents of Hua Hin and Cha-am.

Travel time from Hua Hin: Approx 1.5hrs
Distance: Approx 100km

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“Let’s Go” series to spotlight places to visit in Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan