A second successful Vinyl and Bubbles Event at Italasia


Thierry Berno hosted another great Vinyl and Bubbles Event at the Italasia showroom on Friday 31st March 2023.  Do make sure to keep an eye out for future events at Italasia as once again Thierry proved himself to be a consummate host.

Many of the attendees were getting their first view of his recently opened 5 Senses Secret Tasting Lounge.  Thierry has cleverly transformed this excess storage space into a warm, intimate and inviting place to sit and savour some of the delectable wines from Italasia’s extensive collection.

Along with a stunning solid wooden table that would have been a challenge to move, given its size, a selection of comfortable lounging chairs, stylish and understated décor, the tasting lounge also hides some other of Thierry’s favourites: his old-school turntable, collection of records and his impressive speakers.  Being a bass player himself, high fidelity sound is important to Thierry.

Arguably even more magnificent that the music was the wine selection Thierry had curated for the event.  From slightly sweeter to flinty dry, the bubbles came with numerous labels and colours, even pink, to the delight of some of the ladies. Abundant serving trays held canapes, cheeses, cold cuts, baguettes and focaccia which accompanied the free-flow of bubbles to perfection.

Much as Thierry loves for his guests to have a wonderful time in each other’s company, he also aims to help them learn more about wine with each visit to the showroom. So, it was a game of Bingo for all, with Thierry outlining a fact about a different grape variety, giving its name if we hadn’t picked it, and guests marking their game card.  I thoroughly enjoyed Thierrry’s innovation, particularly as I was the game’s winner, and took home a prize worth over 1000 baht.

All in all, the ultimate night out, great entertainment, food, drink and company.