Alert on ‘Thaichana’ app users

Pictured: The left websites are genuine whilst the one s on the right are fake.

Hua Hin Municipality has alerted members of the public not to click on any other link or website that may appear when they download the ThaiChana application.

Fake websites, such as, and, will redirect you to another site that will download a fake app designed to steal your private information. The ThaiChana app was created for the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) to help prevent the spread of the disease.

CCSA has assured the public that the app is meant to be used for registration purposes only and does not collect users’ private information. It can be downloaded directly from its official website (or www.ไทยชนะ.com) and there is no need to click on any other link, visit any other website or activate any other app.

When you scan the ThaiChana QR code on entering a mall or a shop/restaurant inside a mall, the app accesses your phone number for contract tracing purposes, but CCSA asserted that it does not access or collect any other information. The app keeps count of the numbers of people entering and exiting a certain place and determines whether the place is overcrowded by social distancing standards.

CCSA reiterated that the app is safe and does not violate users’ privacy. For more information about the ThaiChana app, call 1111 or 1119 (24 hours).

By Hua Hin Today