Aroy mai? People can’t get enough of Hua Hin restaurant’s pickled toad eggs

Image: กูจาดอง 꾸 짜 덩-ทะเลดองเกาหลี ต้นตำรับ สาขาหัวหิน

Hua Hin is well known for fresh seafood but there’s one restaurant in the city which has recently gained popularity for an altogether different type of culinary offering.

In a food sensation that has taken Thailand by storm, the small restaurant in Hua Hin has captured the hearts and taste buds of Thai food enthusiasts with a rather unconventional dish: “Ung Khai” – pickled toad eggs served with a spicy Korean sauce.

The eatery, Goojadong 꾸 짜 덩-Korean, located near Cafe Amazon at Hua Hin Night Market, has witnessed an unprecedented surge in popularity over the past week.

The buzz surrounding the restaurant began when posts showcasing the unique cuisine went viral on various social media platforms.

Thai netizens were captivated by the curiosity-inducing combination of pickled toad eggs, a delicacy rarely seen on menus, and the kick of the spicy Korean sauce.

As news spread, leading Thai media outlets, including Daily News and Sanook, picked up the story, further fueling the frenzy.

The enthusiastic response from Thai food lovers has been overwhelming.

The owners of Goojadong took to Facebook to express their gratitude and astonishment at the immense popularity their creation has garnered.

They revealed that due to the unprecedented demand, their supply of pickled toad eggs has been completely depleted. Furthermore, they are now inundated with orders from eager customers across the country, resulting in a backlog that stretches into next year.

Have you tried Goojadong’s pickled toad eggs?


All images: Goojadong