‘Blessing of the Fleet’ merit making ceremony to be held in Hua Hin on Sept 24


Visitors can enjoy and take part in a historic tradition as Hua Hin’s fishing boats are blessed during a merit making ceremony held at the Chao Mae Tubtim Shrine.

An annual event will return to the shores of Hua Hin in September, honoring a long standing tradition for Hua Hin’s fishing community.

The ‘Blessing of the Fleet’ will take place at Chao Mae Tubtim Shrine (next to the Hilton Hua Hin) on September 24.

The ceremony will see local fishermen and members of the public take part in a merit making event that celebrates the town’s fishing community.

Those taking part in the event believe the merit making will help to bless and protect the local fishing fleet and their crew and ensure a safe and bountiful fishing season.

The merit making ceremony will also feature a total of 2,500 brightly colored stucco dolls, known as Nong Chuk and Nong Kae. People can make a small donation to get their own stucco doll, which they then write their name on.

The dolls are then placed inside a boat which is towed out to sea and sunk so it can become a new habitat for marine life.

The ceremony will also feature a procession in the streets close to the temple and fireworks.

The event is expected to get underway from 9am.