Border patrol police confiscated 32 illegal cows

Photo Credit: MGR Online

18 March, Prachuap Khiri Khan – Border officials raised their forces to ambush the area of the natural channel near Khao Por Reservoir, Thap-Sakae because it is well-known for cows smuggling across the border from Myanmar to the Thai side via this route.

The authorities were hiding in the forest until in the middle of the night, the officials saw several people with dozens of cows descending from the Tanintharyi Mountains on the Myanmar side, passing through the Thai border by a natural channel.

All of them were speaking in Myanmar, then the authorities revealed themselves, but the culprits relying on their skills and the pitch-black darkness in the area, ran to escape into the forest.

The officers then chased the dozens of cows trying to run away frightened and tied them first to a tree, and then herded them all down to the mountain.

After checking, it was found that 26 bulls, 1 cow, 3 male buffaloes, and 2 female buffaloes a number totalling 32.

Afterwards, the border patrol officers coordinated with the Prachuap Khiri Khan Customers office to take the cattle to control it and proceed according to the law.