Brilliant drone footage offers bird’s-eye view of Hua Hin’s new train line

Screenshot. Image: Mike's Tropical Tech

The construction of Hua Hin’s new train line can be seen from a whole new angle thanks to brilliant footage filmed from a drone.

Local drone enthusiast Michael Brown provides monthly updates on the progress of the constriction of the new dual track rail line on his YouTube channel Mike’s Tropical Tech.

Hua Hin Today recently spoke to Michael about his passion for drone flying and has shared several of his monthly updates in the past.

However, this is the first update we have featured for a couple of months, and as always, it is interesting to see the development of the train line from a bird’s-eye perspective.

Michael’s latest video starts at Soi 2 and shows the new dual track line heading south into Hua Hin.

While the line at Soi 2 appears to be in place, looks to have been only a small amount of progress made during this phase of the project.

It isn’t until the drone flies over the part of the track near Soi 6 where you can really start to see some of the changes that have occurred, the most notable of which is the construction of a new overpass and joining ramp.

Further south at Soi 56, Michael’s drone captures crews installing safety barriers on another overpass, before the start of the elevated train line into Hua Hin can be seen.

The elevated train line stretches some 4 kilometres and forms part of the construction of the new train station.

As Michael points out in the video, the new station, which overlooks the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course, already has the frame of its roof in place.

The new station will be constructed over two stories, while the original and iconic station building will remain after the new station has opened.

Image: Mike’s Tropical Tech

Officials have hinted that the current station building will be converted into a museum.

Previously, railway officials had said the new train, which connects Bangkok with Hua Hin and the south of Thailand will be operational by 2023.

Aside from videos of the construction of the new train line, Michael also recently flew his drone above Monsoon Valley Vineyard in Nong Plub.

Michael visited the vineyard as part of the Harvest Festival, which took place between March 5-13.