Burning Rubbish in the Open; Illegal and Hazardous


Burning in an open area has long been illegal and you may be fined and imprisoned. Burning grass, garbage or any unwanted materials in the open air is known to be one of the causes of PM 2.5 dust, which today is an increasing problem seen in Hua Hin using this fuel because it is quick and cost-effective.

Waste incineration is one of the main causes of small dust particles and also causing a nuisance to others in the area because of smoke and dust from the ash.

The Hua Hin Municipality is now very strict with burning waste and grass in the open which is illegal with a penalty according to the level of the seriousness of such actions as follows: Burning grass or garbage or anything on a person’s own land that does not cause direct injury but may be harmful to a person or another property because of odor, light, sound, radiation, heat, poisonous substances and soot, ash which are harmful to the health of others in the vicinity.

Local authority can send a warning letter to the landowner to stop and can also specify methods to prevent nuisances that may occur in the future.  Ignoring a warning is a crime with penalties of imprisonment not exceeding 1 month or a fine not exceeding 2,000 Baht or both available.

But if the burning had caused injury to other persons or is likely to be hazardous to the public’s health or damage to property, offenders may be guilty under Section 220 of the Penal Code.  This offence is punishable by imprisonment not exceeding 7 years and a fine not more than 14,000 Baht.

If the fire has actually caused danger to other property or person, the offender will be punished with a heavier punishment under Section 218 or Section 224, as the case may be, with the maximum penalty of death available. If the burning on your own property but the results in a fire on another person’s property and conditions of strong wind  made the conditions dangerous, the offender would be guilty a more serious offence and penalty.

Hua Hin Municipality is requesting cooperation from the public to refrain from burning outside and to be aware of the pollution impacts.

Air pollution is becoming a hot issue for locals who have noticed a recent deterioration in air quality.  Our readers have made some comments and are hoping that these circumstances are only temporary.

Might be time to try and see if there are any Thai environmentalists working in Hua Hin.  People are suffering tremendously, previously air quality was just unhealthy and it’s making most of the people really sick.

Notification of any problems related to illegal burning can be made to the Division of Public Health and Environment Hua Hin Municipality, phone 032 511 047 ext. 107 during working ours.

Rewritten by Larry Cadiz