Calls for one way traffic system between Soi 102 and Soi 94


A recent inspection by municipal officials at Soi Yamsaard, a part of an ongoing road construction project, has highlighted calls from locals for a one-way traffic system to be introduced between Soi 94 and Soi 102 to improve road safety.

On September 28th, 2023, Hua Hin Mayor Mr. Nopporn Wuthikul, alongside Deputy Mayor Mr. Atichat Chaisri and several key representatives from the Municipal Council, including Mr. Thongchai Petchrongsang, Miss Nonglak Phadungthod, and Mr. Jeerawat Phraemani, the Municipal Clerk, visited the construction site.

Their visit aimed to inspect the progress of the reinforced concrete road, as well as the integration of drainage pipes and a water supply system. This project at Soi Yamsaard, located in the Sila Eak community, is split into three phases: expanding the concrete surface, creating gutters and drainage basins, and installing new water pipes.

These renovations, which will extend the original road by roughly 7.80 meters in width and a total of 536 meters in length, are slated for completion by February 2024.

During their time on-site, the officials gathered feedback on challenges, hurdles, and recommended solutions from various involved parties, including project contractors.

Following the site assessment, the municipal officials spoke to locals in the nearby areas of Soi Yamsaard. Residents raised concerns about tree roots compromising road infrastructure with the municipality saying it is accelerating efforts to rectify the situation.

Locals also raised concerns about the road which connects Soi 102 and Soi 94, in particular the area around the exercise circle.

Locals said many road accidents take place in that area and called for the introduction of a one-way traffic system. There were also requests for enhanced street lighting along that stretch of road.

Locals were advised to submit a formal petition to the Hua Hin Municipal Office for consideration.