Cha-Am on way to October reopening after 70% of local population vaccinated

Images: Manager Online

Thai news site Manager reported that 70% of local residents in the tourist beach town of Cha-Am in Phetchaburi province have now been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Local mayor Nukoon Pornsombatsiri said that this has been achieved with 15,000 doses of Sinopharm organised by the municipal authority and Astra Zeneca and Sinovac used by the Ministry of Public Health.

In addition 120 foreigners had received Pfizer after registering on

This is putting the resort town well on the way to reopening under the 120 day plan announced by PM Prayuth Chan-ocha that is up on October 15th.

Nukoon said that tourist businesses like restaurants, hotels and resorts had been targeted in the vaccination drive and certificates have been issued to businesses that have had their staff vaccinated.

Individual staff at the establishments have been advised to carry around small laminated proof of their vaccination status in a bid to create confidence among tourists, he said.

Manager did not report how many of the 70% had received one or two doses of vaccine, notes ASEAN NOW.

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