Cha Am Sunshine project targets 1,000 foreign tourists per month after reopening

Cha Am beach, file photo

Tourists officials in Cha Am say they expect approximately 1,000 international arrivals per month, once the resort reopens from November 1.

According to Karun Suttharomn, acting president of the Phetchaburi Tourism Council, any significant numbers of international tourists will not be seen until mid-2022.

Similar to the Hua Hin Recharge project, Cha Am has its own plan for reopening dubbed “Cha Am Sunshine”.

Mr Karun told Thai media that Cha Am Sunshine will attract around 1,000 foreign tourists per month, which will generate between 15 and 20 million baht in revenue in November and December of this year.

By comparison, Mr Karun said that before the start of the pandemic 55,000 foreign tourists visited Cha Am in November and December 2019.

Mr Karun added that there are 159 hotels in Cha Am, 24 of which will be ready to welcome foreign tourists from November 1 but it is not clear exactly how many foreign tourists will visit.

Mr Karun said that further easing of restrictions, such as allowing hotels to serve alcohol, would help to draw more tourists to the resort.

A meeting is due to take place today (Oct 13) where officials from Hua Hin and Cha Am iron out details which would allow tourists to travel between the two destinations via so-called ‘sealed routes’.