Cha-Am: Tourists on the rise at holiday resort

Image: Komchadluek

Thai media went to Cha-Am in Petchaburi province at the weekend and found that more tourists were braving the lockdown now that some restrictions had been eased from September 1st.

Families and groups were on the beach and these were both Thai and foreigners.

A local phu yai ban Noppadol Noknoi said that some people were camping in the area of Bang Ket Beach.

But he reminded visitors that they should be quiet after 8 pm and stay inside their tents after 9 pm to avoid flouting the curfew that was still in place until 4 am.

Further restrictions are expected to be eased in Cha-Am on October 1st as part of a four step plan to reopen Thailand.

This post was republished with permission from ASEAN NOW formerly

Images: Komchadluek