Chatchai Market ordered closed to due COVID-19 outbreak


Chatchai Market, the main fresh market located in the centre of Hua Hin, has been ordered to close for three days from today (Monday 11 Oct).

The closure order was given due to the discovery of a COVID-19 cluster and came just hours after Hua Hin Today first reported the emergence of the cluster.

Health officials had warned the market faced being temporarily closed if more cases were discovered from the cluster.

On Sunday afternoon, the number of confirmed cases from the cluster rose from 11 on Saturday to 30 cases within 24 hours.

With the increase in cases, health officials took the decision to close the market from Monday to Wednesday.

Deep cleaning and disinfecting will now take place at the market while it is closed.

The temporary closure of Chatchai Market comes amidst concerns the COVID-19 situation in the province could delay Hua Hin’s proposed reopening to foreign tourists on November 1.

Many parties, including tour operators and some individuals, are still concerned about the COVID-19 infection situation in Prachuap Province and Hua Hin, where new clusters are continually appearing.

Before formally approving the November 1 reopening, all parties are urging the government to carefully consider both the need to reopen to tourists and ensuring the COVID-19 situation in the province does not worsen further.

Every weekend since the start of September, there are a large number of Thai holidaymakers visiting Hua Hin.

Furthermore, from October 8, a project dubbed “We Travel Together Phase 3” has incentivised domestic travel, often meaning large numbers of people are descending on Hua Hin from Friday morning to late on Sunday.