Chiva-Som Promotes Sustainable Weight Management Retreat With Green Season Promotions


Pioneering and transformative wellness destination Chiva-Som in Hua Hin, Thailand, has perfected the art of healthy weight management over the long term. Its Sustainable Weight Management retreat can be enjoyed with special rates during the green season until 30th September 2023.

Chiva-Som’s unique Sustainable Weight Management programme is designed for individuals who struggle with weight, particularly those who have yo-yo dieted in the past. Yo-yo dieting is not only frustrating, but also unhealthy: the repeated weight loss/gain cycle can lead to greater risk of developing conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.  

The Chiva-Som approach to weight loss involves long-term diet and lifestyle changes and is thus sustainable. It begins with a consultation and blood testing to identify any obstacles to weight loss such as insulin resistance. A team of health and wellness consultants, chefs, trainers and therapists then work with each guest, both during their stay and beyond, to devise a highly personalised detox, diet and exercise plan. Importantly, the programme provides guests with the knowledge and understanding needed to continue living a healthy lifestyle back at home, including calorie control and healthier food choices, different types of exercise and their efficacy, and how to manage stress and therefore stress behaviours such as overeating. 

Guests wishing to embark on the Sustainable Weight Management retreat may benefit from a complimentary Vital Genomic Test valued at THB 30,000++ when staying 10 nights or more. This elevates each weight management programme to an even more individualised level, with the ideal diet and exercise regimen drawn up based on the guest’s unique genetic make-up. Thai nationals and expatriates may also enjoy 15% savings on two-night wellness getaways, or alternatively 50% off a second room booked when travelling with a friend or loved one.

To enhance the optimal personalised experience for guests, Chiva-Som recently appointed a new in-house physician, Dr. Thanikarn Supanich. Trained as an MD at one of Thailand’s most prestigious medical schools, Dr. Thanikarn’s personal interest in wellness led her to specialise in nutrition, detoxification, and anti-ageing and regenerative medicine. Until her appointment at Chiva-Som, she served at Thailand’s Preventive Medicine Institute for public health. 

“Chiva-Som is known the world over for its unique approach to wellness that combines the healing traditions of the world with modern medicine. Its philosophy of balancing mind, body and spirit aligns perfectly with my ethos of prevention through healthy living, and I am honoured to join its team of experts from many disciplines”, says Dr. Thanikarn on her appointment. 

Dr. Thanikarn will oversee the genomic testing programme, as well as work with Chiva-Som’s research and development team to constantly innovate the brand’s offering and maintain its position as the world’s leading pioneer of wellness. 

For further information or to book, please visit or email the reservations team at

Dr. Thanikarn Supanich