CONFIRMED: Opening of schools in Hua Hin delayed to August 2

Thai students. File photo

The opening of schools in Hua Hin for onsite learning has been delayed until August 2.

Hua Hin’s Private School Committee (HHPSC) said had it had voted in favour of postponing the opening of schools for onsite learning for another month.

“The board of directors for private schools in Hua Hin have voted in favour and have come to the conclusion to postpone onsite resumption of school for 1st semester of academic year 2021, for a period of one month”, a statement read.

“The resumption of onsite school will be on Monday 2nd August 2021”.

The move is to prevent further spread of COVID-19 among students in school or when people travel to school.

The HHPSC said it will consider re-opening schools before August 2 if there is a decrease in cases and no reported clusters.

The HHPSC said cases had been reported among students in Hua Hin after some schools had reopened for onsite learning.

The new semester will still go ahead but classes are now take place online

Earlier, it was announced that parents at Hua Hin Vitthayalai School had voted to keep the schooled closed for onsite learning.

The school asked the parents to vote in an online poll as to whether they wanted their children to return to the classroom.

The school said 71.3 percent of respondents voted in favour of keeping their children at home.