Confusion and frustration for expats in Hua Hin trying to register for COVID-19 vaccines

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The Thai government has repeatedly said that everyone in Thailand, including all expats, will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine free of charge.

However, for expats in Hua Hin, simply being able to register to receive the vaccine is proving extremely difficult.

Last month, desks had been set up at Market Village and BluPort, while people could also register for the vaccine at Hua Hin Hospital.

The registration desks had worked well, with many expats aged over 60 being given appointment dates for the first week of July.

However, at the time of writing, the desks at both shopping malls have been removed.

Furthermore, Hua Hin Hospital has confirmed to Hua Hin Today that they are no longer accepting registrations at this moment in time.

A notice is expected to be placed in the reception of the hospital confirming that registrations are now closed.

The advice for foreigners is to check the Hua Hin Hospital website or Facebook page for further updates in English.

The strategy for no longer accepting in person registrations follows that currently being implemented for vaccine registrations for Thai people in the province.

Thais in Prachuap Khiri Khan are being told to register for the vaccine using the Mor Prom Prachuap online registration platform. However, the platform is only available in Thai language and registering as a foreigner is not only far from straightforward, but nigh on impossible.

Health officials had said that a registration platform will be launched in English for people in Hua Hin to register.

However, exactly when the platform will be available is not yet known.

Hua Hin Today has been contacted by a number of expats in Hua Hin who expressed their dismay at the process for registering for a vaccine.

“It is all just very confusing”, Paul, an expat who has lived in Hua Hin for ten years told Hua Hin Today.

“I am 58 so I did not register at the desks at Market Village as I thought they were only accepting people aged 60 and over.

“I intended to wait but I have since tried registering online and simply can’t, it is all in Thai”.

“We are told they want to roll out the vaccine quickly but yet they do not even have any way for people like me to register”, Paul said.

Hua Hin Today spoke to Christine, another expat in Hua Hin who said she registered at Market Village and was even given an appointment date but when she tried to check her details on the online platform, the system told her the details were not registered.

“It feels like we are being left behind”, a Dutch expat who spoke to Hua Hin Today on the condition of anonymity said.

“I think I will just wait until they sell the vaccines at private hospitals and I will get my injection from there”.

“I guess that is pretty much my only choice right now, unless they create a system for foreigners to register online soon but I do not have much confidence in that”.