D-Day 1st October – Hua Hin plans to welcome foreign tourists without quarantine

D-Day 1st October - Hua Hin
D-Day 1st October - Hua Hin plans to welcome foreign tourists without quarantine

The National Tourism Policy Committee, (TTC), agreed at its meeting No. 2/2021, to relax visitor restrictions in several areas including Prachuap Khiri Khan, Phetchaburi, Bangkok and Buriram. These will be the pilot areas that will open for those foreign tourists that have been vaccinated and can show a vaccine certificate, without the need for quarantine. As Hua Hin is a tourist destination, Covid-19 vaccine allocations have been given priority, and Hua Hin Municipality has been designated a pilot area that welcomes fully vaccinated foreign tourists to travel to the area without quarantine from October 1st onwards. In the Hua Hin district, the Oxford Astra Zeneca brand will be the designated vaccine, initially given to people aged 60 years and over, and all people diagnosed with 7 chronic diseases who have registered through the Mor Prom system, a total of 26,000 people. All other local people aged 18-59, both Thai and non-Thai, can book their jabs through the Mor Prom system from 31st May onwards and it is anticipated their vaccinations should begin by August.

The first vaccination program for the selected groups will operate from the 7th-11th June and be carried out by village health volunteers at various hospitals and pop-up centres. People are invited to attend to get their Covid-19 vaccination at specific locations as follows: Hua Hin Hospital, 10th floor meeting room, (yellow building), 10th floor meeting room, (orange parking building). Hua Hin Hospital 3. Hua Hin Hospital 4. Hua Hin Hospital 5. Market Village Shopping Centre. Bluport Shopping Centre. Throughout the rest of the province, three vaccination centres will be set up in Bang Sapahan, two each in Pranburi and Mueang Prachuap and one each in Kuiburi, Thap Sakae, Sam Roi Yot, and Bang Saphan Noi.

‘Hua Hin Recharge Project’ is collaboration in the Hua Hin municipality of tourism, hospital and public health sectors of government, and private businesses such as hotels, shops, restaurants, shopping malls, car rental operators, tour companies and others. The focus of the project is to get the vaccination program rolling in June 2021, and meet the target of 70% of the local population and 100% of the tourism service providers by 30th September 2021, this will hopefully achieve the required herd immunity and dramatically affect hospitalisation and deaths. Foreign residents can use their social security or passport number to register for the free vaccination, and no priority will be given to Thais over other Nationalities. Once registration has been completed, foreigners will be given an appointment date to receive their vaccine – this could be the same day as registration or at a later date, depending on what appointments are available.

Due to the recent situation and the increased number of infections in the province from the cluster of entertainment venues and canned pineapple factories, Prachuap Province has taken intensive measures to control the spread of the disease. It now appears that due to the hard work of all relevant government departments and good cooperation from the people and entrepreneurs, the situation in Prachuap Province has improved and the infection spread has been brought under control. After vaccination people are advised to continue to follow preventive measures by keeping their distance, wearing masks and washing their hands.