Daddy Deli joins the Hua Hin Health Park, innovative project set to open in December

Owners and staff from BeWell and Spine Clinic on site of the Hua Hin Health Park in July.

Hua Hin Health Park, an innovative and multipurpose health facility, is nearing its final stages of construction.

Set to open its doors in the Hin Lek Fai area this December, the Health Park is conveniently located near the Hua Hin International School and Black Mountain Golf Course.

Adam Clark, Project Financial Lead at ARRO Developments, currently with Misthos Group, who is overseeing the project, shared insights into the development and the ethos behind it. “I am really pleased after over a year of planning to see the project come to fruition,” he said.

“We’ve had incredible support from the local community, and it’s been a collective effort. Most of the workers and all of the businesses we’ve partnered with are local. This is truly a Hua Hin initiative.”

Designed to be a one-stop destination for various needs, Hua Hin Health Park is unique in its offering of both health services and retail outlets. The Health Park will house the Spine Clinic and the Be Well Medical Center, catering to the medical needs of its visitors.

There will be a pharmacy initially available through the Be Well facility, while Spine Clinic will also offer a range of sports equipment and nutrition.

Additionally, the retail and food & beverage aspect of the Health Park is just as promising.

Daddy Deli will be running a location within the facility, offering a café-style restaurant open from early morning, as well as a retail area where customers can purchase a variety of products ranging from cold cuts and cheeses to bread and desserts. They will also be offering ready grab and go meals and a wine shop.

“Daddy Deli’s presence is a game-changer, especially for parents doing the school run or anyone looking to grab a quick coffee and some fresh groceries in the morning. It’s all about adding ease to the daily routines of our community,” Adam said.

Meanwhile, John Laroche’s Junior Asian Golf Academy (JAGA) will also have an office in the facility.

Looking forward, the second floor of the facility is earmarked for development into office space in the first or second quarter of the next year, with small businesses already expressing interest.

“We’re open to inquiries, and it’s exciting to see the interest from the business community,” Adam mentioned.

The third phase of the project includes the potential addition of a third building to cater to further demand from retail and medical services.

With the construction set to be completed by mid-November, and the facility opening its doors on December 4, Hua Hin Health Park is poised to be a vibrant and essential addition to the local community. The park will also feature 25 car parking spaces and ATMs for added convenience.

“It’s all about creating a safe, traffic-free, and natural surrounding facility where people can fulfill their health, retail, and food & beverage needs all in one place. We’re proud to be a part of this community and to contribute to its wellness and convenience,” Adam explained.