Dairy farm industry issues resolved


Following the demands of the local dairy product cooperatives due to the impact of the current crisis affecting the Thai dairy food production industry, dairy farmers, dairy entrepreneurs and more than 1.2 hundred thousand dairy workers, resulting to a 30% drop in market sales.

Prachuap Khiri Khan Deputy Governor Chatree Chanweerachai held an urgent meeting to resolve the issues of the dairy farmers and the fact that the Dairy-farming Promotion Organisation (DPO) will not be able to accommodate the 40 tons of raw milk product already produced by the 6 dairy cooperatives in Prachuap and Phetchaburi Provinces any longer.

As a result, the entrepreneurs agreed in converting raw milk into UHT products by packing 200 million boxes of milk to be supplied to the schools.

In addition, the cabinet approved a budget of 1.47 billion baht for 2021 in aiding the support for dairy farmers as well as the entrepreneurs to revive the dairy farm product industry. The budget for purchasing school milk has been allocated to the following agencies: 1.09 billion baht to local government organisations and 326 million baht to the education ministry.

The meeting also discussed ways of distribution of pasteurised milk to different educational institutions to help reduce parental expenses during the current crisis and the continued employment in the local dairy industry.