Decapitated body found in sea off Cha-am beach

Cha-am fishing village. File photo

On May 17, 2024, local fishermen reported a heavily decaying, headless body floating in the sea near the Cha-Am Beach viewpoint, approximately one kilometer from the shore.

The Cha-Am Police Station immediately responded, coordinating with the Third Marine and Coastal Resources Department, Cha-Am Municipality, Cha-Am District Administration, Phetchaburi Marine Department, and Sawang Sanphet Rescue.

Two patrol boats and a jet ski were dispatched to locate and retrieve the body, which was eventually found about 1.5 kilometers from the shore. The body, identified as male, was heavily decomposed and missing its head, hands, and feet. It was wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt and shorts and was floating face down. Notable tattoos included a Ruesi riding a tiger on the left shoulder and another tattoo on the right shoulder, but no identification documents were found.

Officials faced difficulties bringing the body ashore, finally succeeding after more than four hours and transporting it to the Cha-Am fish pier.

The condition of the body, with missing limbs and bite marks, suggested that marine animals had gnawed off the head, hands, and feet.

Authorities suspect the deceased might have been a migrant worker who accidentally fell into the sea, though no witnesses have come forward.

The next steps include conducting a search for missing persons in the area. The body will be taken to Wat Tham Kaeo in Phetchaburi for preservation. Authorities urge anyone with information to contact the Cha-Am Police Station in Phetchaburi.