Department of Fisheries warns farmers about possible epidemics during winter season


The Department of Fisheries has warned farmers to beware of epidemics in fish during the winter season.

Cold weather can affect aquaculture as it causes the fish to intake less food, have low immunity and be infirm, all of which can be conducive to disease outbreaks.

The Department of Fisheries urges aquaculture farmers to adhere to the following recommendations:

– Avoid fish breeding during winter.
– Ensure enough water supply in ponds for farm use throughout the winter or choose the fish that are more suited to the season.
– Choose to farm fish which are less susceptible to disease such as Tilapia, Chinese fish, and scaleless fish.

In addition, the density of farmed fish should be reduced, and care should be taken by checking the fish’s health regularly. Farmers should also ensure fish are given the correct amount of food.

If a fish is sick or begins to show abnormal symptoms, the fish should be treated separately from other fish.

In case of severe symptoms and to prevent the widespread of the disease, elimination of that fish is needed.

If gas is found to be rising from the bottom of the pond, it could be a sign of decomposition within the pond itself. Treatment with salt should help to prevent this from happening.

Aquaculture farmers should also closely observe and care for their aquatic animals during the winter.

If they discover any ill fish or what looks like to be an outbreak among fish, farmers are requested to contact their local Provincial Fisheries Office immediately.