Downdraft from police helicopter flattens shops in Pak Nam Pram


A police helicopter carrying a delegation including Pol Lt-Gen Montree Yimyaem and his entourage landed at a school football pitch in the center of Ban Paknam Pran in Prachuap Khirikhan province at 9.20 am yesterday reported Daily News.

The downdraft from the large helicopter completely flattened ten shops and stalls ripping off roofs, tearing canvas and even damaging a car.

The Lt-Gen was making a visit to the area to check up on anti-drug measures.

He was pictured by a sign saying “Welcome”.

His visit in this manner was not welcome for a representative of the area’s fishermen Atichart Chaisri who said:

“What were they thinking landing a large helicopter in the middle of a community like this? They should have landed far away and transferred to road transport.

“As if the people don’t have to suffer enough from the pandemic – now this!”

When Montree heard about the damage his arrival had caused he quickly instructed the local police chief to assess the damage and arrange compensation.

This post was republished with permission from ASEAN NOW formerly