Drone users in Hua Hin urged to register their devices

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Drone users in Hua Hin are being urged to register their devices after regulators increased the requirements for ownership in Thailand.

Since 2017, anyone who flies a drone in Thailand has been required to register with the authorities.

However, new regulations from the the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) state that even smaller drones now need to be registered.

Previously, the requirement stated that drones weighing 2 kilograms or more needed to be registered.

But from December 1 2021, drones weighing less than 250 grams are now required to be registered.

Drone users can register via the following channels:

1. The owner can register via “Any Registration System”: https://anyregis.nbtc.go.th

For foreigners, click on ‘Signup‘ in the top right corner and create an account before starting the registration.

2. Alternatively, registrations can be made in person with the NBTC in Bangkok.

Drone users will need to complete this form titled UAV’S RADIO EQUIPMENT REGISTRATION.

As part of the registration process, drone users will be required to submit:

– Signed copy of passport
– Proof of address (house book, rental contract, work permit)
– Photographs of drone and its serial number
– Two copies of the above registration form

Owners will also be required to show proof of insurance for their drone.

For further details about drone permits, rules, and conditions, visit: https://bit.ly/3Da3tnf or call 1200 (toll-free).

The maximum penalty for flying an unregistered drone in Thailand is a prison sentence of up to five years and fine of up to 100,000 baht.