Easy pickings for Cha-am fishermen as scores of fish are washed ashore


Locals in Cha-am enjoyed a good day’s fishing on Thursday, despite barely needing to go out to sea.

Scores of fish, crabs and other marine life were found washed up on the beach and in the water close to the shoreline along the coast between Ban Bang Kao, Cha-am District and Puek Tian Beach.

Local fishermen were able to net a haul of sea squid, blue crab, tiger prawns, scallops, trout, panfish, and other fish.

Some fishermen estimated they were able to catch between 50 and 100 kilograms of fish.

Despite catching smaller amounts of fish, some locals said they would be able to sell them for 50-80 baht per kilogram, while shrimp would go for 250-350 baht per kilogram.

The fish and other marine life came to the water close to the beach due to a natural occurrence.

Mr. Amnuay Ninthuan, a member of the Hat Chao Samran Subdistrict Municipality revealed that it was due to a phenomenon known as water squeezing that the fish came so close to the shore.

The phenomenon happens only once or twice per year and occurs when excess rain causes freshwater to flow into the sea.

The presence of the excess freshwater means the fish have difficulty breathing and swim closer to the shore in search of oxygen.

The phenomenon is expected to last 4 or 5 days.

Tourists and people visiting the beach are advised to exercise caution as some of the fish and marine that have been washed ashore have spikes or barbs which could cause injury.