Field hospital in Bang Saphan Noi starts accepting COVID-19 patients


A field hospital set up in Bang Saphan Noi has now started accepting COVID-19 patients.

On Tuesday (July 28), Hua Hin Today was informed by the officer at Sai Thong Sub-District Health that there are now 20 Covid-19 patients staying in the field hospital at Huai Sak Temple. Patients are 10 female and 10 male.

The field hospital is intended to accommodate patients with COVID-19 who are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms.

The hospital is described as “comfortable” with each patient being given a fan, mosquito net, TV, hot drinks, drinking water and daily necessities as needed.

There is also 24 hour CCTV and communication equipment for patients to be able to contact nurses doctors from Bang Saphan Noi Hospital.

All patients are given three meals per day, officials confirmed.

Patients who would prefer to be treated at the field hospital must undergo a medical check from Bang Saphan Noi Hospital prior to being admitted.

The field hospital will not accept patients who have not received a medical check from the doctors of Bang Saphan Noi Hospital.

Anyone who tests positive or shows symptoms of COVID-19 who lives in Bang Saphan Now can contact Bang Saphan Noi Hospital on 032-699025 or 089 210 9963 for medical the contact number during office hours.

For those who want to donate items to support the operation of the Hospital, which you can contact Bang Saphan Noi Hospital directly.