Fishing boat overturns – 1 dead, 1 survived, 1 still missing

Rescuers found the body of Mr Kla Singthong along the Khao Takiab beach.

A Fishing boat overturns when strong waves hit the side of the boat causing 3 fishermen to fall off board and swim for their lives. 1 fisherman survived but the other 2 were still missing. The incident took place last night along the coastline of Khao Takiab beach, about 400 – 500 metres near the Chom Kleun Hotel.

Rescuers searched for the 2 fishermen but were unsuccessful as the tide was too strong. The survivor, Mr. Thanit Bunsri, age 35, a pool maintenance worker was able to swim for the shore as he was hanging onto a floater. However, he was in a traumatized condition and regretful by the incident as he was not able to save his other 2 companions when the boat was sinking.

During their search this morning, the Pranburi coast guard found the body of one of the missing person identified as Mr Kla Singthong, drifting along the coast. The coast guard police will continue their search today for the remaining person.

By Hua Hin Today